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Size Chart

The below tables are a size guide only, please refer to garment measurements in product description for individual measurements. Each design includes individual garment measurements in product description.

The numbers in the bottom table are body measurements.
To take accurate body measurements: 
- Measure your bust at the fullest part of your chest (it's helpful to measure bust with whichever bra/undergarments you'll be wearing for accurate numbers)
- Measure your waist at the smallest part of your torso (make sure to have the measureing tape firm against your body but not too tight)
- Measure your hips at the fullest part of your hips (across the butt)

Please reach out to us if you would like specific information regarding measurements or the particular fit of any of our designs. We are happy to provide as much information as we can about the size and fit of our garments. 

If you have any questions about sizing please contact us