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Phuncle Long Sleeve Cropped Merino T Sweater - Forest Green

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Phuncle Long Sleeve Cropped Merino T Sweater - Forest Green

The Phuncle cropped long sleeved T sweater is your new wardrobe bestie!

Designed to sit perfectly at your waist and pair with all your wardrobe favourites, the Phuncle cropped T-sweater will be your new wardrobe bestie! Embroidered with the Phuncle flower emblem, this cropped T-sweater is the perfect slow fashion staple addition to your wardrobe.

This cropped T-sweater is made from ZQ certified merino wool jersey. The fabric is a super soft 18.9 micron 200GSM jersey knit. Unlike cotton jersey, this merino fabric is naturally wrinkle resistant and has UV protection. Merino jersey is also super hardy and has odor repelling properties. The temperature regulating qualities of merino jersey means it will keep you nice and cool in summer by wicking moisture away from your skin.

ZQ certification ensures the safety, well-being and happiness of the merino. This merino jersey is traceable back to its source farm in the South Island of New Zealand where the merino are free to roam on open pastures. As well as ensuring the wellbeing of the merino, ZQ certification also ensures no mulesing or international livestock transportation occurs on these farms, and the merino typically have an acre of land each to roam.

The lowdown:
- Cropped T-sweater design, sits firmly at waist
- 100% ZQ certified merino wool jersey knit: 18.9 micron, 200GSM
- Embroidered with the Phuncle flower emblem
- Made in Melbourne, Australia
- Postage and parcel tracking within Australia included
- Slow fashion wardrobe staple
- 500% fabulous

The Fit: If you need any help with sizing or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact via the contact form- Always here to help!

This cropped T is designed for a snug, fitted look. Merino wool jersey is naturally elastic and flexible meaning that your new cropped T will stretch WITH you, but won’t stretch out of shape- not even in-between wears. You can be assured that your cropped T will be comfy and flexible but will always return to its natural shape- that’s the beauty of merino jersey!

To choose the perfect size:
You can use the size chart guide to find your size then cross check it below with the garment measurements . For reference: the waist measurement of the T-sweater should be a few inches smaller than your waist measurement for a nice snug fit. The bust measurement of the T-sweater can be the same as your bust, or slightly smaller or bigger depending on how you like to wear your T-shirts.

Fit advice - If you're in-between sizes, it's best to size down rather than size up as merino has a lot of stretch. Always aim to have the waist of the T-sweater smaller than your waist measurement (the t-shirt waist should fit snug on your waist)

Size reference: Ash is wearing a size S t-sweater in the photos. Her waist is a few inches bigger than the T measurement for a snug fit, and her bust is pretty close to the T bust measurement.

Merino jersey stretches up to approx. 5-10 inches because of the natural elasticity. If the merino is stretched 3 inches, it feels snug, if it’s stretched 5-10 inches it’s a firmer fit.

GARMENT MEASUREMENTS: (Refer to our size guide first for your body measurements then cross check with the below garment measurements, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help choosing a size!)

*Your waist measurement should be approx. 2-5 inches bigger than the t-sweater waist measurement for a nice firm fit around the waist.

XS (Approx. Aus 6/8)
Waist: 23”/58.5cm
Bust: 32”/81cm
Length: 17 1/4” / 44cm

S (Approx. Aus 10)
Waist: 25” /63.5cm
Bust: 34”/86.5cm
Length: 17.5/44.5cm

M (Approx. Aus 12)
Waist: 27” /68.5cm
Bust: 36”/91.5cm
Length: 17 3/4” /45cm

L (Approx. Aus 14)
Waist: 29”/73.5cm
Bust: 38”/96.5
Length:18”/ 45.5cm

XL (Approx. Aus 16)
Waist: 32”/81.5cm
Bust: 41”/104cm
Length: 18 3/8 / 46.5cm

XXL (Approx. Aus 18)
Waist:35”/ 89cm
Bust: 44”/112cm
Length:18 3/4”/ 47.5cm

3XL (Approx. Aus 20)
Waist: 38”/96.5cm
Bust: 47”/ 119.5cm
Length: 19 1/8/ 48.5cm

4XL (Approx. Aus 22)
Waist: 41”/104cm
Bust:50”/ 127cm
Length: 19.5/ 49.5cm

When will my order arrive? To eliminate material and product wastage, your T-sweater is lovingly made to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be dispatched. (If you need it for a specific date, please specify in the checkout notes). All orders come with parcel tracking so you can keep up to date with delivery info.

You will receive an email with your parcel tracking information once your order has been posted. If for any reason the delivery of your order is delayed, you will be kept up to date via email with any delivery updates. You can of course contact us at any time if you have any questions about your order.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Packages sent outside Australia may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.

Such charges are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. All import taxes, customs duties and/or fees are the responsibility of the buyer. 

The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products. By placing an international order (shipping outside of Australia), the buyer is responsible for abiding by their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions. Import taxes, customs duties and fees differ between countries and it is advised you check with your local customs import fees before purchasing outside of Australia. 

Care instructions: 
Cold machine wash on gentle cycle (wash bag recommended). Warm iron if needed. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring. Do not dry clean.

Whilst every effort has been made to capture the true colour tone of each fabric, colour shades may vary between device screen displays.


Supporting local designers and makers- All Uncle Phuncle garments are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Our designs are produced in small quantities with the utmost care and love, ensuring that each garment is made with a high standard of quality. Here at Uncle Phuncle we believe in slow fashion – We believe in classic styles and silhouettes that can be worn and enjoyed for many years to come!